We produce market-ready, grass fed beef that’s good for the consumer, cattle, and land. We are a nature and data-driven company with a focus on proper resource allocation through research, data collection, and market analytics. We pair feeder cattle based on weight, body condition, age, genetics, and target market with the proper pasture (based on quality and production) then channel beef to appropriate markets.

We are adamant about producing the finest quality product on the plate and in the pasture. The critical secondary product to our beef is pasture enhancement. Pasture quality is key for reaching target average daily gains. We know that proper rotational grazing improves the pasture and ensures quality feed for our cattle. We have worked with and will continue to work with grazing experts from around the state to develop optimal grazing plans and practices.

Our tertiary product is data. We track and record all aspects of operations including expenses, pasture performance, individual market returns, grazing plans, and animal performance because of their importance in making management decisions. We recognize the importance of researching, tracking, and recording pasture and animal performance. The objective is to match future pastures with livestock and markets optimum for that individual pastures performance.